About IEDP

About IEDP

The IEDP was established in 1999 by the IPSA at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. It is a student initiated, three-credit program that serves as a forum for students to discuss the challenges faced by developing economies. IEDP participants engage in a seven-week course in the winter semester, extensively studying the country of choice, and then take a one-week trip to the country over Spring Break. During the trip, IEDP students conduct extensive interviews and discussions with policymakers, members of civil society, foreign development agencies and university students. So far the IEDP has visited 11 countries, including Ethiopia, Cuba, Morocco, China, Costa Rica, Peru, Jordan, Senegal and the Philippines. The country of study for 2011 is Grenada, the first country from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in the IEDP's history.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

2012 IEDP Country Selection

It is your opportunity to nominate a country of your interest for the International Economic Development Program (IEDP) 2012! 

Here's how the process will work, so please read carefully and nominate away:

IEDP Country Selection Process - Here's what you need to know (keep reading for NOMINATING INFO):

1. You have one month to select a country of your interest and find a faculty sponsor; the deadline for nomination is Nov. 21, 5 pm (Sunday). 
2. The Country Selection will take place in two stages:
First: On Nov. 22, a Survey Monkey will be distributed to all MPP/MPA students to vote upon their top 3 country nominations. (If there are only 3 country nominations, this step will be unnecessary).

Second: On November 29 (Monday), there will be an IEDP Country Selection meeting at which the top 3 nominators will give an 8-10 minute presentation for the countrythey have nominated.  The Ford School Master's students in attendance will then vote on the country finalist.

How to Nominate a Country for IEDP:
By November 21(Sunday) at 5:00pm, submit the following to
ipsaboard@umich.edu with subject line "IEDP Country nomination":

a. Name of the country
b. Ford School Professor who has expressed interest in advising the course AND has contacted Alan Deardorff of his/her interest*
c. Brief statement (max 500 words) for country platform -- see suggested criteria below

In your submissions, consider including information pertaining to the
following criteria:
-- The country must be considered a "developing" country
-- Educational value for participants
-- Not a country the IEDP has been to in the past and will go in 2011(that is, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Venezuela, Morocco, Cuba, Ethiopia, China, Peru, Jordan, Senegal, Philippines, and Granada)
-- Affordability of the trip (airfare, in-country expenses, visas)
-- Ease of travel within country
-- Safety
-- A Ford School professor must have expressed interest in being an adviser for the course and have contacted Deardorff

Questions? linjones@umich.edu