About IEDP

About IEDP

The IEDP was established in 1999 by the IPSA at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. It is a student initiated, three-credit program that serves as a forum for students to discuss the challenges faced by developing economies. IEDP participants engage in a seven-week course in the winter semester, extensively studying the country of choice, and then take a one-week trip to the country over Spring Break. During the trip, IEDP students conduct extensive interviews and discussions with policymakers, members of civil society, foreign development agencies and university students. So far the IEDP has visited 11 countries, including Ethiopia, Cuba, Morocco, China, Costa Rica, Peru, Jordan, Senegal and the Philippines. The country of study for 2011 is Grenada, the first country from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in the IEDP's history.

Friday, September 24, 2010

2011 IEDP Application Q & A

Q. I am an undergraduate student, can I apply for IEDP?
A. No. IEDP currently opens to only graduate students at the University of Michigan.

Q. What is the class schedule for IEDP 2011?
A. At this moment, the schedule is not final set yet. However, in the past, IEDP always made great effort to accommodate each participant's schedule.

Q. When will this course be offered?
A. The course will be offered in 2011 winter semester in two parts. The first part is the 7-week course study in traditional class format.The second part is the 1-week field trip to Grenada during spring break. Each part has 1.5 credits.

Q. How many hours per week shall we expect this course to take?
A. The class typically meets total 3 hours a week. However, since this is a student-initiated program, participants are also expected to commit extra time to do the necessary preparation work.

Q. What kind of experience will IEDP offer?
A. Besides the exciting opportunities of studying Grenada's policy issues and meeting with the stakeholders in the country, the IEDP also offers students the great opportunity to participate the preparation of this program. Each participant is expected to work for one of the four preparation committees: fund raising committee, meeting/contact committee, logistic committee, and documentation committee, and gain highly marketable experience in these fields.

2011 IEDP Application

The 2011 IEDP application is open. The deadline will be Oct.1, Friday. Graduate students from Ford School of Public Policy and other graduate/professional schools/programs at the University of Michigan are eligible to apply.

Welcome our new committee members: Sara Blumenthal and Jennifer Hong!